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Shar Pei is not the meaning of life, but because of it the life takes on a special meaning

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Щенки и владельцы

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Архив помётов

Puppies of our kennel Kotmarian.
All our puppies are the result of  line breeding together with purposeful and well-controlled pairing.
For pedigree stock breeding we thoroughly select  only the animals entitled as Champions or those who are about to become ones.

It stands to reason that the puppies in our farm are being grown only on ecological pet food, produced by well-known brands in the world of manufacturers.

Having bought a Shar pei in our nursery you are sure to get our courtesy present, that is : food for three days,  grooming means, a detailed  keeping/ housing and nursing/breeding instruction and, of course, a veterinary passport. Besides, you will get a consultation on any relevant question either by phone or e-mail.

It’s important to note that all our puppies are people-oriented as we share our lodging with them, living under the same roof, so we hope the pei will continue doing well enough in good hands! Loving care - is what they get from us each day and as an irrevocable result of it they are sure to  be your most devoted friends giving you their  sincere affection the way only dogs can do!



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Kotlyarova Marina & Olga


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Котлярова Марина и Оля



353900, Россия, Краснодарский Край, город Новороссийск, улица Рубина 102